Monday, November 10, 2008

Lucky 7 Tag

7 Things I Can Do:
1. Cook. I love recipe books, magazines, cooking shows. A couple of years ago Thanksgiving was on Mom's 70th birthday. I stayed overnight so I could get up early and start cooking. Someone call with birthday wishes, they asked if her daughters were good cooks. Mom said Lynnae cooks for survival and that I cook because I love it.
2. Can. This summer has been crazy. I've canned peaches, pears, peach jam, pear jam, pear butter, strawberry jam, salsa, marinara sauce, asian plum sauce, black beans, pinto beans, salmon (don't do when you are making pear butter the smell doesn't mix) bread & butter pickles, dill pickles, privy pickles, yellow squash bread and butter pickles, and I'm getting ready to do applesauce, and apple pie filling.
3. Annoy and embaress my kids. They keep telling me I'm turning into Grandma.
4. Punk out. If I didn't have to conform to society I would punk out more than Hallowwen.
5. Make formal dresses for daughters proms.
6. Do hair. I love doing color.
7. Love others. I love being around my family and friends.

7 things that attracted me to Jose
1. Rubbing my feet. One night after working 12 hours I was trying to get the feeling back in my feet by rubbing them. He took my foot and gave me the best foot massage. I told him if he ever quit rubbing my feet I would sue him for false advertisement.
2. His passion.
3. His laugh. He has a very infectious laugh.
4. His lips.
5. His cooking. I tell him it really turns me on to see him cooking. Hoping he will cook more.
6. His kindness. He is so kind to little old ladies. I wish I was a little old ladie. I guess I'll never be little.
7. Rebel. He says he's a rebel and if that makes him feel better he can keep thinking it.

7 Things I Often Say
1. Oh S*%<* ! Sorry, its genetic.
2. Huh? What did you say? We'll pretend it was all those great rock concerts.
4. Rigby NO! Delica's cat is alway into something. I call her crazy cat.
5. Oh bless it. Inside joke with girlfriend Liz.
6. Deesa, Chelle, I mean Kayla. Refer to #3 of 7 Things I Do.
7. What are you doing tonight? Is that all?

7 Celebrity Admirations
1. Paul Newman. Those blue eyes.
2. Robin Williams. Makes me almost pee my pants.
3. Bono. Good music, but he does so much for humanking.
4. Tina Turner she was just here in concert last week.
5. Lucille Ball. I can still watch reruns 900,000 times.
6. Carlos Santana.
7. Allison Krauss

7 Favorite Foods
1. Red Curry, vegetable with chicken (Thai)
2. Papusas (Salvadoran)
3. Alaskan King Crab
4. Mangos
5. Shrimp
6. Apple Jacks
7. Havariti cheese with pears on sesame crackers

7 People I've Tagged
2. Lynnae
3. Wendy
4. Meshan
I don't know anyone else.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Mom and Alice Cooper?

Do you know where your parents are? Maybe we should keep a closer eye on them. THEY ROCK! in a rockin chair. I have never, never, ever, ever seen or heard of Mom dressing up for Halloween. You look hot Pops. Peace out man.

Have you met Brenda Begay? She loves oranch soda, she likes the ret one too!
I had to be to work in 15 minutes and had no idea what to do. Its kinda scary that this is 10 minutes after the idea. Oh well look at family history. This is what happens when your brothers call you Brenda Begay all your life. She finally came out.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


This morning I read an article about Stephanie Nielsen and her sisters. http://http// Her sister has been posting her recovery on her blog, blog.cjanerun.
Anyway, my mind has been on sisters all day. Specifically the love of sisters. My earliest memory of sisters were of the example of these sisters:

Aunt Marlene is on the left, Aunt Nona in the middle, and Mom is on the right. The stories I've heard like they shared the same bed until Mom got married. Aunt Nona coming to live with Mom and Dad. They did everything together. I look at this picture and just feel love. The last memory I have of the 3 sisters is when they loved and cared for Aunt Marlene. You see Aunt Marlene was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It was inoperable. She went through radiation and when there was nothing else to do she came to live with us. Mom loved and cared for her like no one else could. She was her sister. Even though I was only 11 I think I understood that. As adult sister and daughter I appreciate it. How blessed I was to be shown that example.

This is me and my sisters. Lynnae on the left, and Sheri in the middle. We are 9 years between each of us, so I don't think we all lived at home at the same time. I didn't think we look alike until I saw this picture.

Sheri is the first born. Probably one of the strongest women I know. I'm proud of all she's done and it gives me hope to know that she will always be there. She's the big sister. I'm glad Dad didn't leave you by the side of the road. Lynnae, even though she is the youngest she may be the strongest. I think she may stronger than she even knows, but she has a tender heart. Today I just really missed my sisters.

These sisters are my daughters. They used to share the same bed too. For a long time they wouldn't sleep in separate rooms. They're grown now, and they've grown strong. They love, laugh and cry together. They are sisters.

I hope I can always be a good sister.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby Girl

Today is my baby girl's birthday. For years we just called her Baby. Like in Dirty Dancing. But we did that before the movie cause she was the Baby. Then 10 years later there was a new baby, and since he was a boy she got moved to Baby Girl. I don't think she liked that much. Not the name the baby brother. She's ok with it now . So sometimes for old times sake we call her Baby. She's silly. She's beautiful. She's fun. She's Baby, I love her.

Happy Birthday Kayla Jo!